Operation Bamileke Backpack (B2) 

What is Operation B2?

Operation B2 is a backpack program opportunity organized by LAFABA-DFW to supply necessary school supplies to Bamileke children in the western province of Cameroon, West Africa. Facing great economic recession, many Bamileke communities lack resources to provide sufficient educational supplies for their children. LAFABA-DFW collects and distributes donated backpacks to Bamileke children every August before school starts. Backpacks contain essential school supplies such as textbooks, pens, pencils, calculators, notepads and binders. 

What is the vision of Operation B2?

Education is a foundation on which children can build a future. With new school supplies, Bamileke children have the opportunity to learn and grow. In the past five years, LAFABA-DFW has provided 600 children with educational supplies. Our goal in 2009 is to supply 350 children with new school supplies. But our ongoing vision is to help provide Bamileke children with a chance for a better life.

What’s in the backpacks supplied by Operation B2?

The backpacks* assembled by LAFABA-DFW average around $50.00 and include the following:
*Other essential supplies are appreciated.
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