Project Backpack Bangangte 2004
Mr Poubom Lamy - Backpack Project Coordinator
GBPS Bangangte - Singing of the National Anthem
Parents and guests at the ceremony
School Officials, LAFABA Delegation, Government Officials
Divisional Delegate of Education during his speech
Delagate's Speech to LAFABA President
 LAFABA President during his opening remarks
 Remarks by a GBPS teacher
Thank you speech by a pupil 
Pupil Speech to LAFABA President
 Recipients list from LAFABA to Divisional Delegate of Education
A pupil receiving his school supplies from the Delegate  
Assistant Mayor of Bangangte with a recipient
Assistant DO of Bangangte with a recipient
Divisional Inspector of Education of Bangangte with a recipient
LAFABA President with a recipient
Divisional Delegate with a teacher
GBPS headmaster, PTA President, Divisional Delegate, and a teacher
LAFABA Delegation Distributing School Fees and T-shirts 
LAFABA Delegation (Mr & Mrs Kwame) with GBPS Headmaster 
Gift to LAFABA by the Headmaster  
Headmaster receiving books for the school library  
 GBPS Bangangte -  Beneficiary of the 2nd edition of Project Backpack. 

Items distributed:          

1500 Pens                  450  Highlighters              50 Calculators             400  Erasers
300 Rulers                  200  Pencil sharpeners    1500 Textbooks            50   PTA fees      
50 Math sets              1500  Crayons                 790 Notebooks             50   Uniform sets       
3000 Pencils               250 T-shirts