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Membership to Lafaba is open to all Bamilekes (through kinship) that is by birth or marriage residing in Dallas/Ft Worth Metropolitan area. Membership is open to all active member's children that are less than 18 years.
To be an active member, one is required to:
Attend at least 75% of all twelve meetings in a year.
Pay all dues, registration fees .
Respect rules and regulations of the association
The Bamileke Family of Dallas/Fort Worth has enjoyed a significant growth in membership within the past few years. And considering the significant need for educational improvement within our province of origin in Cameroon, the Bamileke Family of Dallas/Fort Worth (LAFABA-DFW) embarked on the launching of an elementary school scholarship program for bright young pupils in need of financial assistance called the Project Backpack.

Project Backpack

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Chief Momo Jean-Claude's of Foto  visit with LAFABA 
Chief David Tchoupe of Bandja visit with LAFABA
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LAFABA has embarked on an ambitious project to own a community hall in the DFW area.

This program is ambitious and seeks to make LAFABA Community Hall a centerpiece in the community for entertainment, community and cultural events. 

Most of our fund is raised with Association member’s contributions. In addition however we are blessed by the generosity of many members of the community who, having enjoyed what they have seen and heard or being supportive of the effort, have made cash contributions to the effort. Many of these donations have been made anonymously, without fanfare and have helped move the project forward in a very significant way and our thanks continues to go out to all for their generosity of spirit.

As a non-profit organization with charitable status, LAFABA is able to provide receipts for a tax deduction for each and every donation, be it cash or material goods, made in support of the Community Hall Project. 

We thank each and every one of our supporters who do so much to keep this project moving forward. Without the support of the community we would not be where we are, nor be able to plan where we are going. 

Please go to Upcoming event page for a fundraising event information...

LAFABA Community Hall Project